Note – For information on opening the Vacancy Record, see Vacancy Record Details page.

To open the Locations tab, select the Locations section tab from the Requirements tab in the Vacancy Record Details page

This page is used to populate the locations of a vacancy in the Location field of the Vacancy Record Details page. Entries here affect the default vacancy search criteria and are looked at by searches from a candidate record.

Adding locations to a vacancy record would depend on how you have divided your user-defined regions. For example, if you have towns, counties, and regions in your location list, you may want to include all combinations of the location to ensure that vacancies match all suitable candidates and vice versa.

Select the UK Postcode Radius Search check box and specify the miles if you prefer location in the UK postcode within the specified miles.

Select Selected location list and then click Location Selector to add or remove locations to the preferred list of locations. The following screen appears.


You can double-click an item to move it from available to selected or vice versa. You can also highlight an item and use the arrow icons AddRemoveIcon_VacancyRecord  to do the same thing. Click Save to update the changes.