Note – For information on opening the Candidate Record, see Candidate Record Details page.

To open the Search Criteria tab, select the Criteria section tab from the Search tab in the Candidate Record Details page.

In this screen, we find the most likely vacancies for this candidate, searching for vacancies from a candidate record is one of the powerful features of the system. It allows you to match attributes of any candidate with the requirements of relevant vacancies held in the system using intelligent search logic. The resulting records appear in the Results tab.
Anything on the Search Criteria tab can be modified without the risk of affecting the candidates core attributes. The search can be saved as a named search at any time by selecting Save Search As from the dropdown. This is designed to allow a consultant to tweak a search if the results are not good enough.
You can also revert the search criteria back to the records core attributes by selecting Revert to Defaults from the dropdown.
The top of the Criteria Search tab is a box where you can set various miscellaneous criteria for the search like salary ranges, vacancy type and custom lists.
Below this you will see four boxes, Skills, Qualifications, Locations, and Roles. Each box performs its own search attempting to find vacancies that have requirements that match its attributes. The number of matching vacancies found for that box will be displayed in the counter on the top right of each box. These boxes matches are then compared to find the vacancies that are common to all of the boxes in the search.
Each attribute boxes attributes can be managed by clicking Select button corresponding to each box. A Selector window appears where you can add or remove the attributes.
Once you have defined the criteria of the search you can initiate it by clicking Search, once it has finished it will tell you how many records matched it whereupon you can go to the Results tab to see the resulting records and begin adding them to the shortlist of the candidate. For more details on how to do this please click here.