Note – For information on opening the Candidate Record, see Candidate Record Details page.

The Event List tab in the Candidate Record screen shows a log of all actions that are performed in relation to this candidate.

Each event holds the references to all the parties that it relates to. For example, a CV submit event will have references to the Candidate who owned the CV, the Vacancy for which the CV was submitted, the Contact of that vacancy, and the Client of that contact.
The information corresponding to each event is represented in different columns and you can change the order of an event list by clicking the column heading (you can toggle between ascending and descending order by clicking again).

To open an event to see more information and navigate to the parties involved, simply click any hyperlinked date/time and it will open in the Event Viewer that appears at the bottom of the page.

If the event was created by auto mailer (For example, submit CV, job spec, speculative), then you can view the content of the sent message by clicking on the hyperlinked content in the Event Type column. The following screen gives an example of an email message.
Events can also be used as a handy method of appending date and time stamped notes against a candidate, using the Notes icon NotesIcon_Event in the toolbar. This opens the Event Notes screen where you can also attach a Reminder to this note. Click here to read about adding notes.