The bookmark system in ApplicantExtra is a powerful way of temporarily holding individual records in named folders for later use.
Folders can be used as a criteria to filter lists and searches throughout the system.
As an example, a user may want to keep a folder of bookmarks for candidates that they have personally vetted and are ready to work straight away that they have called “checked and ready”.
You can either add items to that bookmark folder by clicking the cog icon in result sets and then selecting a folder to add it to.
Or you can add all of the visible selected items as bookmarks by clicking the automailer dropdown as pictured below and then clicking the folder you want to add them to…
Within Client, Contact, Vacancy and Candidate records you are able to add/remove the current record via the bookmark icon BookmarkIcon and also create folders…
 You can view and modify bookmarks in the Bookmarks tab at the bottom of the screen. Try right clicking to get choices to remove entries and create/share folders…
And similar functionality is available in the Side Menu -> Home -> My Stuff -> My Bookmarks section as well via the right click menu..
Using these bookmarks is very simple, in lists and searches you should find a bookmark drop down list which you can use to filter the list or search on a particular bookmark folder.
Like all search criteria, it can be used in combination with other criteria or you can pull in multiple boxes via the search settings button SearchSettings .
You can also click the names of records in the bookmarks tab on the bottom bar to visit that particular record or click the show link next to the folder name in the same area to see the relevant list screen populated by that folders records.