If you do not remember your user name or password, click Can’t access your account link in the ApplicantExtra Login page.


The following window appears.


If you forgot your password

Click Forgot Password and enter your user name and click Next in the following screen that appears.



You then need to enter your email if and click Next in the following screen that appears.


If you have provided your correct email, you will get an email about resetting your password, click the link Reset Password and you get the following screen. You need to provide the new password twice and then click Reset password to reset the password.



After your password is reset, close the window and try your desktop link again or if you use the standard version click Login to login to your ApplicantExtra application with your new password.


If you forgot your user name

Click Forgot Username, enter your email id in the following screen that appears, and then click Send to Email. If you have entered the correct email address, you will get the new user name to your mail.


You will get an email that gives your user name. You can then login to the ApplicantExtra application with your credentials.