If the “Send to applicantextra” option has disappeared from your right-click menu or you can’t find the send to ax buttons anywhere in outlook then Outlook has probably shut down the integration add-in because it was too slow.

You can force it back on for a period by doing the following inside of outlook…

First click File.


Then options.


Then add-ins.

Check if “ApplicantExtra outlook add-in”  is appearing in the active application add-ins section and if not change the “Manage” dropdown to “disabled items” and click “Go”..

Look for “ApplicantExtra outlook add-in” in the popup window, click it and click enable and then close


Again check that it is in the active section, if its in inactive then change the manage menu to “Com addins” and click go.


And ensure its ticked and ok out.


After that restart outlook and then ax and check if it has fixed the issue.