The SMS service in ApplicantExtra is provided by Textanywhere. You can start sending SMS messages after you register an SMS account in Textanywhere.

After registering your account, you need to login to the textanywhere admin area with your credentials and fetch the Client_ID and Client_Pass information.
Then back in ApplicantExtra go to the Side Menu->Admin->System Settings and click the SMS tab. Enter these values in Sms Account Name and Sms Account Password fields and then click Save to activate the SMS service in ApplicantExtra.  Also see here for more information.

Once this is activated, you can start sending messages through the SMS tab in the EmailIcon_ContactRecord in records and lists).  You will get the following screen where you can alter settings such as the consultant from whom the message is going to be sent, mode by which the responses must be sent to the consultant (that is, through email, phone, or mobile), a list of recipients to whom you are sending the message, and then the actual message to be sent. Then click  Send SMS to send the message.

For more information on sending messages, see here.


Note – You can access the EmailIcon_ContactRecord to the right of the lists and also in the black bar of the records.