To post a vacancy spec to your Facebook accounts wall, you need to link it with the ApplicantExtra system. After the account is linked to the system, you can post the job details using the Job boards section of the Vacancy Record.

1. Linking Facebook with ApplicantExtra

To add your Facebook account to ApplicantExtra, you need to go to the Job Sites tab in Side Menu->Admin->System.
Click Facebook and click Add Account to add a new account. You need to sign in to your Facebook account (sign up for Facebook if you do not have an account). After providing your user credentials, you must authorize ApplicantExtra to access the pages.

The following window will then appear.


Select a wall where you would need to post your vacancies to in Facebook. Click Save to activate the account and link it to the ApplicantExtra system.

2. Posting a Vacancy to Facebook

Go to the Vacancy Record and click the Job Boards tab (see here for more information) viagra original rezeptfrei.

Go to the Facebook-<user name> tab (For example, if your user name is Rose12, go to Facebook-Rose12 tab), enter the job description you want to post, select the Facebook wall where it needs to be posted, and click Send to post the job.

This tab also displays the list of jobs posted from your account with details like date and time of posting, jobsite reference, consultant, action, and expiry date and time. You can preview your job post by clicking Preview corresponding to the entry in the list

Note –  To delete any post, click Delete corresponding to the entry.