Attribute lists like skills, roles, and qualifications are important for the ApplicantExtra system to function efficiently and effectively.

Now that our Criteria Search section is able to find attribute keywords and alias matches directly inside CVs and against candidates, it is more useful than ever to keep on top of your attributes list.

Each attribute consists of a name such as “Microsoft Word” but can also have one or more hidden aliases attached to it such as “MS Word”, “Word” or “Word processing”. The purpose of these aliases is to allow the attribute to be found in CVs where these could be worded in different ways whilst keeping the attribute list small, manageable, and free of duplicate attributes. Aliases can be synonyms of the attribute name, that is, expressing the attribute in other terms.

For some attributes with codes or categories such as “IT-Java Programmer”, aliases allow you to add “Java Programmer”, so that it can be easily searched in a CV.

If you do not use aliases your skills, roles, and qualification, these become complicated with different wordings of the same attributes and will lead to poor matching in the search later.

Take some time to look at your lists (Side Menu->Admin->Skills/Qualifications and Side Menu->Admin->Roles) and report us for any duplicate entries so that we can convert these to aliases (ideally in excel format).

Attributes and their aliases can be created from the following:

(1) the CV Data Helper

You can add attributes and their aliases easily while importing CVs through the Send to AX options in Outlook and the desktop or from within the ApplicantExtra Add Candidate, all of which takes you to the CV Data Helper.

Inside the  CV Data Helper Attributes tab, you can highlight key words or phrases that you would like the system to find in CVs from then on. Once highlighted, right-click where you will be given the choice to either create a new attribute from the highlighted word or make this as an alias of an existing attribute. From then on, if that word or phrase appears in a CV, it will be suggested as a skill, role, or qualification when you import a CV into the system and will be indexed by the system for later criteria searches. So as you add more CVs, you can add more keywords and phrases to the system, but always keep in mind that words of the same meaning should be grouped as aliases of one attribute rather than lots of different attributes.

(2) the Skill, Role, and Qualification Admin areas

An alternative way of adding or editing any attributes and aliases is through the admin areas for skill, role, and qualification (Side Menu->Admin->Skills/Qualifications and Side Menu->Admin->Roles). For more information, please see here for adding or editing Skills/Qualifications and here for adding or editing Roles.

Please remember, when adding new keywords and phrases to the system, ensure that a similar keyword or phrase does not already exist as a skill. If it does, then add it as an alias to the existing one. This will keep your lists usable and will keep the search results relevant when searching from the criteria page.

If you have any concerns about your attribute sets, then please get in touch with us as we can solve most problems quite easily.

Note – Recent changes now mean that you can convert attribute aliases into attributes through the skill, role or qualification Admin screens. Go to Admin->Skill->Modify.