To add a note, click the icon NotesIcon_Event in the toolbar of Candidates, Clients, Contacts, or Vacancies, or click the Shortlist Note button on a candidate or vacancy shortlist.

In the Event Edit window, select an event type and then enter the appropriate text about the event. If you need a reminder for this, select the check box Tick to add a Reminder. This will open the reminder section where you can select a date, time and user/consultant for whom the reminder is for.

Note – If an event type you need is not available, you can add your own through Admin menu->Event type.

If this is the desktop version, there will be a selected check box sync with outlook.

Click Save event to update the changes. This allows reminders in ApplicantExtra to have a connected reminder in your MS Outlook Calendar and that Outlook reminder will have an AX button that will open up the Note Event Viewer in ApplicantExtra so that you can navigate to any of the parties involved in the event.

Please note that it is better to use the right type of note for the right situation. For example, if you are talking to a client contact about a candidate that you have sent for interview for a vacancy on the system, it may be best to navigate to that candidate’s shortlist tab, click the vacancy in question and add a shortlist note using the Shortlist Note button. This ensures that the note appears in the event lists of each party involved, that is, the client, contact, vacancy, and candidate.

An easy rule to follow is if the situation involves a candidate and vacancy linked in a shortlist, then use the Shortlist Note button. Otherwise use the notes icon.

Any set reminder will popup in Outlook when the date and time arrives and will show in the ApplicantExtra Diary and stay in system until dismissed either in Outlook or the ApplicantExtra Event Viewer.