You can create your own signature by clicking the Side Menu->Admin->Automailer.

Click Go to Signature Templates and the following window appears.


To add your own signature, click Add (under My). You will get a window where you need to enter a title for the signature.


You can add your signature content before or after the box which appears in the Text area.
You can use the set of formatting tools to format your signature with the required font and size. The text can also be indented. Additionally, you can also add tables, hyperlinks, or images to your signature.

When you right-click the Text Area, you get the following window that contains a set of tags. You can double-click the required tag to add it to your signature. For example, to include the date and company in your signature, you can select the tags [TODAYS-DATE] and [CONSULT-COMPANY] and place it accordingly in the Text Area. When you add it in your template, it appears with relevant text once you send the email or compile the letter or fax for printing.


After creating your signature, you can click Save to update it.

Note – Be careful when selecting the Set my default check box because if it is selected, your signature becomes a default signature in the system and will reset everyone else on the system.