The Broadbean service allows you broadcast your vacancy adverts to all your job board accounts in one go. Firstly you need to set the following things up (this only needs to be done once).

1. Contact Broadbean sales and open a new Adcourier account (mention that you will be using this through ApplicantExtra hybrid feed).

2. Once setup, add each of your job board account login details to that broadbean account admin area. These will become Channels (term used by Broadbean)

3. Add your broadbean account login details into the ApplicantExtra Admin->System->Job Boards->broadbean.

You will then have a Broadbean tab within each vacancies Job Boards tab in ApplicantExtra.

This tab will be pre populated with the default Job description, experience, package, and various other text areas and settings that you can alter before selecting which of the channels (job boards) you want to advertise with. Then click the Post button to begin the next step which opens a popup and sends the advert data to Broadbean who will then present you with various other options depending on the channels that you have selected. From this point broadbean should provide a clear interface for you to complete the advertising process viagra preise. Once done, the popup window should be closed and the status of each of the selected channels should be clearly displayed in the broadbean tabs channel list.

The applicants to these adverts can be directed to either the default destination (usually your Outlook inbox or whatever was setup in the individual channel) or if you have ApplicantExtra website integration, we can arrange for applicants to use your own websites applicantion pages (please inform us if you wish this to be arranged).