You can add, edit, or remove users/consultants by clicking the Side Menu->Admin->Consultant (see here for more information).

To add a new user/consultant –  Click Add Consultant. In the Consultant window, enter details such as initials, consultant name, location, name of the company, phone numbers, email address, and so on. You can also provide the user name and password for this consultant to access the system. After providing the details, click Save to update the information.

Note – You can set permissions to access various functions in the system through the Permissions tab. This can be done only after saving the details.

To edit a user/consultant – Click Modify corresponding to the consultant to be modified. You can edit the consultant details here. You can also modify the permissions by selecting the required check boxes. Click Save to update the information.

To remove a user/consultant – Click Modify corresponding to the consultant to be removed and then click Archive in the Consultant window. You must also select another consultant to whom the archived consultant’s jobs are transferred to, and then click Apply Changes.

Please ensure that you archive consultants/users as soon as possible after an employee leaves. This will ensure that they no longer have access to the system and also ensure that they will not be charged for in the next invoice run.