This screen attempts to match an incoming email with an existing record so that you can import text or attach a document to that record or associated records. It also has an option at the bottom to convert an attached CV/Resume document into a new candidate record.

Initially, the system simply tries to find candidate or contact records in Applicantextra with the same email address as the From address of the incoming email.

If a match is found, the record details are listed and there will be an option given to import the text of the email as an event against the matching record as well as additional options depending on what is found in the email….

  • If there are image attachments, then an option to import into the records extra documents section is shown.
  • If there are documents then the option to import into the records CV sections is shown in addition¬†to the above.
  • If the matching record is involved in a shortlist, then there will be additional options for importing content to that record as well.

Also, regardless of a match, if a document is attached to the incoming email then the bottom of the screen will show an “Import the following doc as a new candidate” option so that you can create a new candidate record from the information in the CV.

Once one or more of the above has been chosen, click the Import button to proceed.

An additional option to manually search by name is at the bottom left of the screen.