Contact Record displays the details of a contact.
Click a hyperlinked contact name from the Client List  page or Client Record page to open the details of the selected contact.
Use the navigation icons NavigationArrows to navigate back and forth through any contact records.
Click the screen mode icon ScreenModeIcon_ContactRecord at the end or the tab row to toggle between the Small Screen Mode and the Large Screen Mode.
The Large Screen Mode displays all the section tabs such as Vacancies, Interviews, Skills, and Events as another row below the Details tab. The information in the Details tab is always visible.
The Small Screen Mode shifts all the section tabs above, along with the Details tab. You need to click each tab to view the respective information.
Use the left and right arrow icons TabIcons_ContactRecord to order the section tabs. Click the tab you need to move, and then click the left or right arrow icon to move the selected tab.
The Contact Record Details page displays the contact name, address, phone numbers, and email address. You can also provide the following information.
Title – Select a title for the contact, for example, Mr. or Mrs.
Salutation – Select a salutation for automail correspondence, for example, Dear Bob or Hello Bob . It is dynamically linked with Title.
Consultant – This lists the consultants in the system, where you can select the consultant who manages this contact.
Consultant Notes – Enter any additional information about this contact.
Post Code – Click the icon PostCodeIcon_ContactRecord  to open the Google Map website using the given postcode as a reference. If the postcode is valid, a street map of the surrounding area is displayed in the map.
Email – Click the icon EmailIcon_ContactRecord to send an email to this contact. For more information, see Auto Mailer.
Click the icon Skype_ContactRecord corresponding to any of the phone numbers or Skype to dial through Skype.
LinkedIn – Click the icon LinkedIn_ContactRecord to open the contact information in LinkedIn.