You can view this page by clicking the Side Menu->Home->My Stuff. This page contains the section tabs My Events, My Consultant Docs, and My Bookmarks.

In the My Events tab, you can view all the events logged by the selected consultant within the specified date range. Click View corresponding to an event to view the event details. You can click the hyperlinked date and time to open the details in an Event Viewer.

In the My Consultant Docs tab, you can upload the documents that you commonly use so that you can access and attach them from within the Automailer regardless of the PC you are on (click here for more information on how to do this in Automailer). Click Browse to browse the required document and click Upload for uploading it.

You can view the uploaded documents in My Private Documents section.
Click View to open the document for viewing.
Click Remove to remove the document.
Click Make Shared to share the document with other consultants. These then appear in Our Shared Documents section.

In the My Bookmarks tab, you can view the bookmarked candidate, client, contact, and vacancy records. See here for more information.