Note – For information on opening the Candidate Record, see Candidate Record Details page.

The tabs Skills, Qualifications, Roles, and Other Skills are included under the Attributes section tab.
Entries in these tabs are included in Criteria Search from either a Candidate Search or Vacancy Search. This helps you in searching for a relevant resource.
This section tab displays various skills the candidate has and the level of experience in each skill.
Click Skills Select to add additional skills for the candidate (see the example provided in Qualifications for more information).
A dropdown selector appears against each skill, where you can select the level for that particular skill. The levels are user-defined and are usually created by the system administrator.
Clients who do not wish to use skill levels should add a single level (N/A is suggested) that will automatically be included.
This section tab displays the qualifications of the candidate.
Click Qualifications Select to add additional qualifications for the candidate.
The following screen appears (this example shows the screen to add a new qualification).

Select a role for which you would need to view the list of qualifications.
You can then double-click an item to move it from available to selected or vice versa. You can also highlight an item and use the arrow icons AddRemoveIcon_CandidateRecordLocatins  to do the same thing. Click Save to update the changes.
This section tab displays the roles that the candidate has worked in.
Click Role Select to add additional roles for the candidate (see the example provided in Qualifications for more information).
Other Skills
You can add any additional skill information for the candidate.