Note – For information on opening the Candidate Record, see Candidate Record Details page.

To open the Search Vacancy List tab, select the Vacancy List section tab from the Search tab in the Candidate Record Details page.

The Vacancy List tab also allows you to search for vacancies based on the set attributes. The search can be saved at any time by selecting Save Search As from the dropdown.

You can also update or delete a saved searched by clicking Update or Delete this Search respectively.

Click search settings button SearchSettings to select the fields that can be used for the search. When saved these fields are included in the Vacancy List page for executing the search.
The following are the search criteria that can be used separately or in combination by selecting the corresponding check boxes:

Client Name – Enter the complete or partial name. This lists all vacancies based on the search.

Consultant – Select the consultant. This lists all vacancies that are managed by the selected consultant. (Note – To return all clients/contacts, select the All option in consultant).
Country – Select the country.
Event –  Select an event and a date range using the calendar  CalendarIcon icon. This lists the vacancies with the specified event within a date range.
Event text – Enter a partial or complete event text to be searched for.
Locations – Select the location to search the respective vacancies.
No Events –  This searches vacancies for which there was no event activity within the selected period.
Office – This searches vacancies assigned to the respective office.
Status – Allows you to search for vacancies based on the selected state of progress.
Postcode – Enter the complete or partial postcode and a radius in miles or select best match for a like for like postcode match.
Type- Select the employment type to search for vacancies.

Once you have defined the criteria of the search you can initiate it by clicking Search, once it has finished it will tell you how many records matched it whereupon you can go to the Results tab to see the resulting records and begin adding them to the shortlist of the candidate. For more details on how to do this please click here.