Note – See Auto Mailer template for information on opening this page.
Title – Enter a name for this template.
Subject – Set a subject for the template.
Attachment – An area to upload files that you want attached by default in the template. Click the button and you will be able to upload and attach files from either your PC’s files system or the shared and consultant document areas.
Content Editor (the large white box at bottom of the Template Editor window) – This is where the content is compiled and edited using the array of text formatting tools provided. You can format the text by selecting the required font and size. The text can be justified left, right, or centre and also indented.If you choose a template, this is where the content appears. You can edit the content and then save it.Consider the following example:You have a candidate Harry Smith and you are submitting his CV to client contact Sally Brown, in relation to a vacancy that she is recruiting for. Assume that a master template has not been set up. So, we are creating a new template.

Right-click the email content window t0 get a screen called the mailmerge field chooser. It contains a list of context sensitive tags, where you can double-click to add a tag to the Email Content Editor.
So if you wanted to have a fax that said:
Dear Sally,
Please find attached the email of candidate Harry Smith in relation to your current vacancy TB-321.
Bill Bloggs
You would create a template that looked like:
Please find attached the email of candidate [CAND-FNAME] [CAND-SNAME] in relation to your current vacancy [JOB-REF].
Once everything is in place and you are happy with the content, click Save.