See Auto Mailer, for information on opening this page.

This page allows you to send SMS messages to the recipients with the provided information.

Enter the following details.

From – Select the consultant from whom the SMS text is going to be sent (this defaults to yourself).

Method – This dictates the way any response to your text message will be handled.

Mobile – will send text responses to the consultant’s mobile.

Email – will convert text responses to emails and send them to the consultant’s email address.

Phone – will send the consultant’s regular landline number as the response number.

Recipients – This is a list of recipients (client contacts or candidates).
If these are client contacts,  the names will become selectable. When clicked, the Contact Selector small window appears that allows you to select more contacts (if available) from the same client.

If there are multiple recipients, you will see a check box that allows you to select the required recipients.

If one of your recipients has a badly formatted or missing mobile number, this will have a flashing warning sign. Click to change the number manually.

My Templates – Select a list of the current consultant’s template for this particular type and method of contact. Consultants can save their own customized templates by clicking Save As at any time. It will then appear here in the list of templates.
SMS Content Editor (the white box at the bottom of the auto mailer window) – This is where the SMS content is compiled and edited.
There is a character counter to make sure that you do not exceed your text provision for a message. If you choose a template, content appears here, and you can edit or save the content.
Consider the following example:
You have a candidate Harry Smith and you are submitting his CV to client contact Sally Brown, in relation to a vacancy that she is recruiting for. Assume that a master template has not been set up. So, we are creating a new template.
Right-click the SMS content area to get the following window.
This is the mailmerge field chooser that contains a list of context sensitive tags, where you can double-click to add a tag to the SMS Content Editor.
So if you wanted to have an email that said:
Dear Sally,Please find attached the email of candidate Harry Smith in relation to your current vacancy TB-321.

regardsBill Bloggs

You would create a template that looked like:
[CONT-SALUTATION],Please find attached the email of candidate [CAND-FNAME] [CAND-SNAME] in relation to your current vacancy [JOB-REF].


The selection of the tags that you have to choose from is based on the type of contact you chose at the beginning of the auto mail process.
You can then send the text by clicking Send SMS.