The Applicants tab appears at the bottom of the ApplicantExtra screen and will be of use only if you have integrated your website with ApplicantExtra.
This tab displays a list of your unprocessed applicants from the website. You can select the consultant to see the respective applicants.
You can use these candidates to process them into the system generally, shortlist them against a specific vacancy, or discard them if they are inappropriate or already in the system.
You can click the applicant to view their details, the black bar will have a CV/Resume viewing icon (if they uploaded a CV/Resume), and an auto mailer icon (for contacting them about their successful or failed application).
You can click Create to create a new candidate record from this applicant details. There are additional options here, which allows you to use the CV reader to get additional information for the candidate record you are going to create and you can also shortlist this candidate against the vacancy they applied for (if they applied for a specific vacancy).
The Update button is enabled only if this applicant exists in the system.
If an applicant with similar details already exist in the system, there appears a list of similar candidates with a check box below this applicant’s details. When you select the check box, you can update the existing candidate’s records and CV with the one attached for this applicant. You can also use the CV reader and shortlist this candidate against the vacancy they applied for.
You can click Discard to delete this applicant record from the list. You would use this if this applicant is inappropriate for your database or if they have been inserted into the system and an update was not needed.
Note: Please contact support for details about integrating the system with your website.