You can open the Skills and Qualifications pages by clicking the Side Menu->Admin->Skills or Side Menu->Admin->Qualifications respectively.

These pages allow you to edit the list of skills or qualifications used in the system. Each skill or qualification can also have an option level of attainment attached to it. You can find more info on this by clicking here.
WARNING – The level group must be selected carefully as it is not advisable to attempt to change it once the skill or qualification is in use.
To add the details of a new skill or qualification, provide the details and click Add to add to the list.
To edit, click Modify corresponding to an entry. To change the skill name, provide a new name in Skill or Qualification and click Save.
In the Skill Admin or Qualification Admin tab, you can categorize the skill or qualification against various roles to make it easier to find skills or qualifications elsewhere in the system. Use the icons AddRemoveIcon_CandidateRecordLocatins to add or remove roles from the list or simply double click the item you want to move over.
In the Skill Aliases or Qualification Aliases tab, you can provide different names for the skill or qualification and click Add.
If a skill or qualification becomes irrelevant and needs to be removed from the system, you may archive it by clicking Archive.