You can open this page by clicking the Side Menu->Admin->Location.
This page allows you to modify the list of locations in the Vacancy and Candidate records. You can add a new location by entering a location name and then clicking Save.
To edit a location, click Modify to make your correction.
In the Location Admin tab, provide a name for the location and assign it to a parent location to  create a hierarchy of locations. The system supports up to four hierarchies.
In the Location Aliases tab, you can provide different names for the location and click Add.
You can then click Save or Archive to save or archive the record. Click Cancel to return to the list.
Consider the following example:
Create a location Tottenham with the parent North London. Edit the location North London giving the parent London.
Search for any record for the location North London.
In the default search mode, any record with locations Tottenham, North London, or London would be a match.
If you don’t want this behavior, you need to deselect the check box Including sub-locations in searches, which will only match records with locations London or North London.