You can open this page by clicking the Side Menu->Admin->IP Manager.
This page allows an administrator to setup a series of rules that allow or restrict access to your system based on the IP address of the broadband connection, that is, the system can be setup to allow certain consultants to gain access to the system only from the company offices, while senior consultants can have access from home as well.
An IP Address is the unique identifier for your internet connection. This is usually issued to your modem or router by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
You need to use this page carefully as it can lock you or any other users out of the system if it is administered incorrectly.
Your current IP address is visible on the title of the page. This address is a long series of numbers separated into sections by full stops, for example, 123.222.333.123.
Depending on your broadband provider (ISP) and the type of account you have, your IP address can be static (always the same each time you access the internet) or dynamic (can potentially change from time to time).
It is important that you use this feature only if you have a static IP address (check with your ISP). Otherwise, you may find your IP address changing after you have set up a rule to allow it access and therefore being locked out.
You can select the check box to activate the IP restriction. Click Add New Authorised IP Address to add a new IP address rule, and this includes the following:
IP Note –  A note describing the IP address rules.
IP Address – Displays the IP address.
Applies to –  Displays to whomthe rule applies to, either everyone or a specific consultant.
To create a set of rules that allowed you access from anywhere and allowed others just access from your office, you need to setup a rule that has the office IP and apply it to Everyone. Also create another rule that had an IP of %.%.%.% (that is, from anywhere) and apply it to you.
You can also edit any rule by clicking Edit or delete any rule by clicking Delete.