You can open this page by clicking the Side Menu->Admin->Consultant. This page allows you to create and edit consultants records (AKA user records).

To add the details of a new consultant, you can click Add consultant, provide the details and click Save to add to the list.
Enter details such as name, address, email, phone numbers, user name, and password. You can also select a signature template (if you need more than one, then please send an example to
To edit, click Modify corresponding to an entry. You can edit the consultant details and also provide permissions for the consultant to access different areas in the system such as adding contacts, adding vacancies, editing locations, roles, skills, qualifications, or consultants, editing auto mailer templates, and so on.
Click Add Alias corresponding to an entry to add a different name to the consultant.
Click Save to update the record. This will then take you to the Consultant List page.
You can also archive a record by clicking Archive. While archiving a record, you need to also select another consultant to whom the archived consultant’s records must be moved to.
Please ensure that you archive consultants/users as soon as possible after an employee leaves. This will ensure that they no longer have access to the system and also ensure that they will not be charged for in the next invoice run.